Developing People to Achieve Success

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'Career Success

comes from matching who you are with what you do.

It is a journey of
Self-discovery and Development'

It can also be a lonely path with challenges along the way.

We can take you on that journey, supporting you at every step to meet those challenges and become the best you can be. 


  We bring many years experience and a track record of success in developing people in a business environment


There are three key stages in a working life.  Our Programmes offer tailored support focussed on the specific needs of each  stage.

1. Deciding Which Way to Go?
Career Springboard

 We bring our considerable knowledge and experience of the business world to students considering their future careers, broadening their  horizons, identifying fit  and giving practical advice on strategies to achieve their goals.

2. Growing and Developing

Executive Coaching
   Communications Training 
       Team Building
      Interview Coaching 
3. Discovering New Horizons

Career Transition
        Retirement Planning

At every stage it is important to take stock of exactly where you are.  To know yourself, and recognise your needs; physical, emotional, intellectual and material.

Insights Discovery

A powerful psychometric tool which can form part of this analysis.

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